Shalom Steel Company Registration

Our Company Registration Details

Registration and Contact Details. Company Reg No: 93/289O3/23Company Reg No: 93/289O3/23 VAT Reg No: 4040135974 Registered Address: 8-12 Peak Street lO Chatsworth Industrial Park Business Partners Chatsworth.


Workmanship Guaranteed

From the simplest railing to the most intricate, ornate design our attention to detail is never compromised. All of our wrought iron gate fabrications are hand designed and drawn out to your exact specifications.

These designs and ideas are then brought to life by a motivated and dedicated team of skilled in-house artisans who have undergone many years of training which allows us to deliver a level of fabrication that is second to none.

We manufacture projects with decorative emblems or designed to enhance aesthetics, beauty and value to your property. Hot Dip galvanizing to SABS standard and epoxy coating according to colour requests is also undertaken. This stable, highly experienced workforce contributes significantly towards the continuity of quality service on which Shalom has built its reputation